Name Naga
Health 200 units (Heart.png x 100)
Damage 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Spawn Naga Courtyard in the Twilight Forest
Drops 6-12 Naga Scales and a Naga Trophy
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Naga is a boss entity in the Twilight Forest. The Naga spawns inside a Naga Courtyard from a Boss Spawner (found in NEI; produces a Naga when placed and when the player is nearby) and will not attack anything outside of it. If the player is outside of the courtyard, then the Naga cannot be damaged by the player. The Naga tends to circle the player and then perform a charge after a few seconds.


On the top of the screen, there is a green bar. It is the Naga's health. As you hunt it, the health will go down and the Naga will get notably shorter. As he gets shorter, he slows down.

Possible tactics include the use of a Speed Potion, a pair of Quantum Leggings a Jetpack/GraviChestPlate, and/ or a pair of Quantum Boots to gain navigational advantage over the Naga. Hand-to-hand combat with the Naga is rather difficult, as it moves quickly, deals quite a considerable amount of damage (especially to badly-armored or unarmored players) and is difficult to hit, given that melee damage can only be dealt to its head, whereas ranged damage can hit any part of the Naga's body. Another tactic would be to jump on and off of pillars or the walls of the Courtyard and repeatedly attack the Naga and retreat back or mount these and then shoot the Naga with a Bow or a Mining Laser, although these last 2 methods aren't the best tactics as the Naga, much like vanilla Minecraft's Ender Dragon, will destroy blocks, including the walls of its own courtyard and the pillars inside of it.

Fire does not damage the Naga. The head will be set on fire, but his health will not depreciate.

When there are no players in the Courtyard, the Naga will lose interest in these players and slither around, hitting animals that get in its way.

A Naga Courtyard, the Boss Spawner at the center

Naga can't look through walls and it cannot hit through blocks but can use speed to attack. Naga has ability to slice blocks and this is sometimes a good way to fight her, you just have to make a hole in one of the walls of the courtyard and Naga will try to kill you but as you are out side of the yard Naga will get stuck in a wall with her health going slowly down at the end Naga will die. But you have to keep safe distance or Naga will turn around and slither away.

You can try to make it to the top of the pillars in the courtyard and shoot the Naga with the tri-bow until it dies. Practice a bit, and you will learn that by firing just ahead of the Naga, you will hit it. It takes a bit of work to get this down, so bring extra arrows.

If you're playing sevtech:Ages, its recommended to at least have full iron armour, since shields dont work. The Black Quartz AIOT works well against the naga and deals high damage.


The Naga will drop about 7-12 Naga Scales, which can be used to make Naga Scale Armor, and a considerable quantity of experience orbs. In FTB Evolved Naga also drops Naga Trophy, which if placed on ground appears to look like Naga head size of a player head. The courtyard walls are made of stone brick, stone slabs, and the Nagastone and Nagastone Head blocks. This is the only place in the game to find the latter two materials, which can be used to create decorative stone snakes.


Nāga is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake, found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It is mentioned in the Mahabarata Epic and is also found in Cultural Legends and Art throughout South-East Asia.