Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird
Tiny Bird.gif
All four varieties of Tiny Birds.
Name Tiny Bird
Health 1 (Hearthalf.png)
Spawn Most biomes in the Twilight Forest
Drops Feather Feather (0-3)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Tiny Bird is a mob that is fairly commonly found within the Twilight Forest that spawns spontaneously and fairly frequently within most Twilight Forest Biomes. It has no counterpart via Transformation Powder, cannot be bred, and dies in one hit. However, they are not purely aesthetic mobs, as they often drop Feathers upon death. Tiny Birds, as with other mobs, will attempt to escape from confined spaces and will attempt to escape from the player.

Tiny Birds have a tendency to wander. They also jump at a faster rate than normal mobs and will fly around to escape from the player or from other things. As with mobs such as the Forest Raven and the Penguin, they will use their wings to flap when falling from a great height so as to not take fall damage.

Tiny Birds cannot be bred or led with wheat, but they can be led with seeds. Tiny Birds can spawn with four different sprites resembling that of sparrows, bluebirds, cardinals and goldfinches. They each appear to have the same chance to spawn.