Quest Grove

The Grove and its Ram.
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The Quest Grove is a small clearing that can only be found in Enchanted Forest biomes. Each Quest Grove contains a Questing Ram inside it. These clearings contain structures made out of various kinds of Stone Bricks. A Dispenser is located in one of the arches containing several different colors of Wool, the intention being that the player feeds these wool blocks to the Questing Ram. If one of each wool color is fed to the Questing Ram (must be real wool and not Rockwool) then the Questing Ram will give the player one of each of the vanilla resource blocks as well as some other rewards such as a Crumble Horn.

Care should be taken to make sure that the Questing Ram is not damaged by outside influences, as it has less than five hearts of health and will die nearly instantaneously if attacked with any variety of weapon. A single bowshot with an unenchanted bow is enough to destroy a Questing Ram.

More information about the Questing Ram's "quest" for the player can be found on the Questing Ram page.

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