Slime Beetle

Slime Beetle
Slime Beetle.png
Name Slime Beetle
Health 25 (Heart.png x 12.5)
Damage 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Spawn In Hollow Hills, Twilight Forest Caves, and the second floor of a Labyrinth
Drops 0-3 Slime Balls
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Slime Beetle is a type of Beetle added by the Twilight Forest mod. They share most of their mesh with the Spider. However, the thorax of the mesh has been removed in favor of a tail made out of what appears to be a scaled-down version of the same mesh used for the Slime mob, the head and body have been resized, the sprite has been recolored, two antennae have been added and the leg count has been reduced from 8 to 6. This signifies its difference from the Spider; while spiders are arachnids, the beetles appear to be portrayed as insects.

The Slime Beetle's only attack is to fire a projectile which takes on the 2D sprite of a Slime Ball from the top of its tail. This projectile will deal 4 hearts of damage to an unarmored player, making it the strongest non-boss mob attack power (tying with the Pinch Beetle in terms of damage dealt) as well as topping every boss mob except for the Hydra. The Slime Beetle tends to be "shy" to the player. When the player gets close, the Slime Beetle will flee away, attempting to not take damage from the player. This will occur at high speed, similar to how a Redcap Sapper runs away from the TNT block that it has placed once it has done so.

The Slime Beetle has a tendency to want to stay 6–8 meters away from the player and to beat the player back with its high-damage slime ball projectiles. Thus, it is advisable to take out this creature with a Bow and Arrow or other ranged weapon (e.g. Mining Laser) to avoid taking profuse quantities of damage to health and armor from the Slime Beetle's immense damaging capacity, as one Slime Beetle can kill an unarmored player in 2 hits. Their damage is also increased by the Slime Beetle's high rate of fire, as the Slime Beetle fires once every 2 seconds. Thus, an unarmored player will be dead in an average of 4 seconds.