Miner's Tree

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Miner's Tree
Name Miner's Tree
Name Miner's Tree
Height Always 12 blocks
Naturally Spawns In n/a; can only be grown from a sapling
Grown From Miner's Tree Sapling
Log Type Minewood
Leaf Type Miner's Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) Always 19 logs
Roots Yes (medium to large structure)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Miner's Tree is a type of "magic" tree that is added by the Twilight Forest mod. It cannot be found naturally at any currently known location within the forest and must be grown from a Miner's Tree Sapling. It is made up of Minewood, Miner's Leaves and a single Minewood Core at a height of three blocks in the "hilt" of the "pickaxe" formation that the Miner's Tree takes on. The Minewood Core gives this tree the special property that it will pull ores up to the surface, similar to the function of the Ore Magnet.

The Miner's Tree takes on a "pickaxe" formation with a hilt formed exclusively by Minewood and by a Minewood Core. The "head" of the pickaxe is formed by Miner's Leaves which encase Minewood. The Miner's Tree grows in a consistent format with no height variance across all feasible growths with Bone Meal or otherwise. It always generates with a height of 12 blocks in total and always generates 19 Minewood and a Minewood Core. The Miner's Tree generates a medium-to-large structure of Root blocks beneath it.

Minewood currently cannot be turned into Wooden Planks and Miner's Leaves currently drop Birch saplings instead of Miner's Tree Saplings.