Ore Magnet

Ore Magnet
Ore Magnet

Name Ore Magnet
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 13

The Ore Magnet is an item that is sometimes found as loot in chests in large Hollow Hills. The Ore Magnet, true to its name, is an item which brings ores closer to the player. This functions with most ores, even mod ores such as Xychorium Ore, Copper, Tin, Silver, and so forth, as long as the block has Ore in its name; essentially, any block other than Dirt, Stone, Obsidian, and other naturally-occurring and common underground blocks will be pulled closer to the player.

When using the Ore Magnet, it is advisable to do so in an area where there are no valuables, as the Ore Magnet replaces the walls and floor around the player with the ores that it finds; thus, important machines and valuable blocks could be destroyed by the Magnet. The Magnet will also replace the location where the ore was with Stone. The Ore Magnet will only search through solid stone to find ores and will not look through caves.

To use the Ore Magnet, find a location where there is a good quantity of solid stone for the Magnet to search through. Hold the right mouse button down to activate the Ore Magnet, upon which it will draw like a bow much like other Twilight Forest items such as the Moonworm Queen and the various Scepters. The sprite will change indicating that the Ore Magnet is searching for ores. Upon releasing the right mouse button, the Ore Magnet will transport ores towards the player with a sound of an Enderman teleporting.

The Ore Magnet has a durability value of only 13 and will disappear completely once its durability has been used up. It cannot be recharged or repaired and will take one point of durability damage for each block of ore that it moves; for example, a vein of 4 Iron Ore would cost the Ore Magnet 4 durability points or about 1/3 of its durability. It will only move one type of ore vein at a time, so if there are several ore types in one location, it will only choose one to move. The Ore Magnet can exceed its durability, however, as it can move a vein of ore of any size at any point in its life. For example, if the Ore Magnet has only one durability point left, it could still move a vein of several Diamonds or other valuable materials.