Twilight Mangrove

Twilight Mangrove
Name Twilight Mangrove
Name Twilight Mangrove
Height 12-20 blocks
Naturally Spawns In Swamp biomes in the Twilight Forest
Grown From Twilight Mangrove Sapling
Log Type Mangrove Wood
Leaf Type Mangrove Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) About 10-20
Roots Yes; small to medium structure
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Twilight Mangrove is a type of tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is a type of tree which is only found growing above pools of water in Swamp biomes and rarely in Fire Swamp biomes if there happens to be a pool of water there. Twilight Mangroves are found in a ratio of about 50-50 with the taller variety of regular vanilla Oak trees that are known to spawn within Swamps, both in the Forest and the overworld. A small to medium structure of Root blocks is created when they are generated naturally or grown from a Twilight Mangrove Sapling. They have three roots that jut off from one central trunk, each root leading to an underground structure of Root blocks. The central trunk supports the leaves and the logs encased in the leaves.

The Twilight Mangrove has a fairly constant height range, ranging from about 12 to about 20 blocks in height. It is difficult to determine this height range for sure, as due to the structure of the Mangrove, it is nearly impossible to tell at what points a Twilight Mangrove Sapling would be placed to grow such a tree, and as such, it is difficult to judge the tree's height. This is made even more difficult by the fact that a bug exists in the current version of Twilight Forest that makes it impossible to grow Twilight Mangrove Saplings with Bone Meal.

The Twilight Mangrove is a fairly inefficient way of generating logs, especially because it cannot be grown with Bone Meal. This makes it a difficult tree to use as a quick method of gathering logs while exploring. The Twilight Mangrove also generates a decent-sized structure of Root blocks, which can overwrite previously present ores and other valuable blocks indiscriminately and can be a bit difficult to clean up, especially without advanced navigation tools and armor such as an Electric Jetpack.