Raw Venison

Raw Venison
Raw Venison

Name Raw Venison
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Food 3 (Hunger.pngHalf Hunger.png)
Saturation 0.3

Raw Venison is the product of killing Deer in the Twilight Forest. Along with Leather, it is dropped when a Deer is killed, as Deer are the Twilight Forest equivalent (via Transformation Powder) of the overworld Cow. As with other raw meats, it is highly beneficial to cook Raw Venison before eating it, as uncooked Raw Venison only restores 3 food units (1.5 bars) whereas Venison Steak restores 8 food units (4 bars) more than doubling the amount of food restored. As the Deer is the Twilight Forest equivalent of the Cow, the meat that a Deer drops functions exactly the same way as meat dropped by a Cow; Raw Beef also restores 1.5 bars of food and a Steak restores 4 bars of food as Venison Steak does.


Raw Venison can be used to create the following items: