Tree of Time

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Tree of Time
Name Tree of Time
Name Tree of Time
Height 13-15 blocks tall
Naturally Spawns In n/a; must be grown from a spawned-in sapling
Grown From Tree of Time Sapling
Log Type Timewood
Leaf Type Timewood Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) About 50-60
Roots Yes (medium to large structure)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Tree of Time is a type of "magic" tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It cannot be found naturally in its grown state in any currently known location within the Forest and must be grown from a Tree of Time Sapling. These may be found in 'tree dungeons' in the massive Twilight Oak trees. The tree itself is made up of a thick trunk (3x3) of Timewood with a Timewood Clock at a height of three blocks on the west face of the trunk.

The tree has a thick trunk and a fairly large structure of Roots. It also has a thick structure of Timewood Leaves on top of the trunk with many branches. Although the structure of the roots, the logs that lead to the roots, and the structure of the branches can change, the trunk remains perfectly constant with each growth. This extends to the Timewood Clock found on the trunk, which will always be at a height of three blocks above the ground and will always be on the western/east face of the tree across all growths. Using Trees of Time is not a sustainable method of farming logs in the newest versions of Twilight Forest, as the Timewood Leaves do not drop Tree of Time Saplings either when they decay or when they are broken by hand, and Timewood also cannot currently be turned into Wooden Planks.

The Tree of Time increases the number of random ticks added to growth cycle type entities such as crops, trees and possibly other tick dependent mechanics such as the Tree of Transformation. The exact specifications of this 'growth acceleration' such as area of effect, and speed is currently not known to this wiki editor. Please add to this work in progress page.