Tree of Transformation

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Tree of Transformation
Name Tree of Transformation
Name Tree of Transformation
Height Constant; 13 blocks
Naturally Spawns In n/a; must be grown from a spawned-in sapling
Grown From Tree of Transformation Sapling
Log Type Transwood
Leaf Type Leaves of Transformation
Log Quantity (avg.) About 20-30
Roots Yes; small to medium structure
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Tree of Transformation is a type of "magic" tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. Like other "magic" trees in the Twilight Forest, its saplings are found in random loot in Leaf Dungeons high in the branches of Twilight Oaks. They may also rarely appear in other landmark chests.

The Tree of Transformation appears to use the same generation algorithm as that of a Canopy Tree's top portion. It ignores the algorithm that the Canopy Tree uses to generate its trunk and instead uses only the algorithm for the branches and the top "half" of the tree, with the sapling the tree was grown from as a center point and a point of origin for this behavior. As such, they appear as if they are simply a stouter version of the Canopy Tree. Instead of Canopy Tree Wood and Canopy Tree Leaves, the Tree of Transformation uses Transwood and Leaves of Transformation, respectively. Trees of Transformation appear to "drip" the same particles that flow from a bookshelf to a nearby Enchantment Table in vanilla Minecraft, and the moving sprite that moves atop the stationary sprite of the Leaves of Transformation appears to be these particles as well. The ground under the tree slowly changes to that of an Enchanted forest, with the ever-changing blues, pinks and greens.

Currently, these trees cannot be farmed sustainably, as there is no method of turning Transwood into normal logs or wooden planks by any known means. Leaves of Transformation also do not drop Tree of Transformation Saplings when they decay or are broken by hand, making it a non-sustainable method of tree growth.


  • The Tree of Time and the Tree of Transformation have growth patterns which vary slightly, whereas the other two magic trees (the Miner's Tree and the Sorting Tree) have constant and unchanging growth patterns.
  • The Tree of transformation appears to be the most complete of the WIP/NYI trees, as the ground under the tree slowly changes to that of an Enchanted Forest, with the ever-changing blues, pinks and greens, allowing you to create artificial Enchanted Forests.