Rainbow Oak

Rainbow Oak
Name Rainbow Oak
Name Rainbow Oak
Height 5-7 blocks normally, 10-15 if large (identical to normal Oak tree)
Naturally Spawns In Only rarely in Enchanted Forest biomes
Grown From Rainbow Oak Sapling
Log Type Twilight Oak Wood
Leaf Type Rainbow Oak Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) Identical to normal Oak tree
Roots No
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Rainbow Oak is a type of tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is found only in Enchanted Forest biomes within the Twilight Forest. The Rainbow Oak is made up of Twilight Oak Wood for its logs and Rainbow Oak Leaves for its leaves. While it shares a generation algorithm with normal Oak trees from vanilla Minecraft, not generating a Root block structure and generating in the same patterns with the same frequency as a normal Oak tree, it uses Rainbow Oak Leaves and Twilight Oak Wood in place of the normal Oak types.

Twilight Oak Wood presents only an aesthetic difference, as it functions in a manner identical to normal Oak wood from vanilla Minecraft. Rainbow Oak Leaves have different colors based on their positions on the X, Y and Z axes, and drop Rainbow Oak Saplings instead of normal Oak saplings. Thus, the Rainbow Oak mainly differs in aesthetics from a normal Oak tree.

The Rainbow Oak Tree uses exactly the same generation algorithm as the normal Oak tree from vanilla Minecraft, meaning that the vast majority of trees will be about 5-7 blocks tall and have 4-6 logs. Sometimes, a tree will generate which is larger and has branches, similar to large Oak trees. The Rainbow Oak Tree presents no advantage over normal trees when farming Logs, but it can be farmed for its leaves, which can be used as a decorative or "magical" element in interior or exterior design. This is the main reason that Rainbow Oak Trees would be farmed instead of normal Oak trees, as they are otherwise identical.