Name Torchberries
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Item, Crafting Component
Stackable Yes (64)

Torchberries are an item that can be obtained by breaking a Torchberry Plant. Despite the name, these plants cannot be farmed or replanted. Torchberry drops are not affected by the Fortune enchantment. Torchberry Plants can be found frequently in Twilight Forest Caves. Torchberries are used in the crafting of the Magic Map Focus, an alternative crafting recipe for Torches which yields 5 instead of 4, and in the refilling of the Moonworm Queen.

It is highly inadvisable to craft torches with Torchberries except in a dire emergency as the Magic Map Focus is a very valuable item and the Moonworm Queen can also be a valuable item if used properly, as when a Torchberry is used to refill a Moonworm Queen, a single Torchberry can create 85 torch-equivalent lighting sources. When used in the recipe for Torches, it only creates 5, or 1/17 as many lighting sources.


Torchberries can be used to create the following items: