Swarm Spider

Swarm Spider
Swarm Spider.png
Name Swarm Spider
Health 3 (Heart.pngHearthalf.png)
Damage 1 (Hearthalf.png); is only able to deal damage when there is a large swarm of spiders, 8 or greater in quantity
Spawn In Hedge Mazes from Swarm Spider spawners
Drops 0-2 Spider Eye and 0-3 String
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Swarm Spider is a type of reskinned Cave Spider that spawns exclusively from spawners assigned to it within Hedge Mazes. The Swarm Spider appears as purple instead of blue as the Cave Spider does and does not poison the player but retains the Cave Spider's size attribute. This makes it a very difficult enemy to hit and kill, even though its maximum health is very low and can be taken out in one hit by any variety of Sword. They tend to spawn in very large swarms of 6-10 mobs apiece per spawn, this being the only formation in which they can attack effectively given their attacking behavior.

A single Swarm Spider will appear to only be able to attack the player once before becoming "docile"; until this Swarm Spider is joined by a larger crowd of Swarm Spiders, it will not be able to attack. The ability for spiders to attack more than once appears to only be activated if there is a swarm of 8 or more, and the swarm is only effective if there are at least 12 to 14 spiders in the swarm, at which point they will be able to attack the player constantly.

The Swarm Spider appears to serve as a mob which does minor damage, more of a "distraction" mob than anything else, keeping the player busy with small threats until more dangerous enemies such as the Hedge Spider or innately hostile wolves that spawn in the Hedge Maze arrive to do greater amounts of damage to the player. Crowds of Swarm Spiders can quickly and easily be cleared away with any type of sword, however, making them not much of a distraction or a threat to players with a decent amount of skill with Minecraft.