Infested Towerwood

Infested Towerwood
Infested Towerwood

Name Infested Towerwood
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 30.0
Hardness 0.75
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool

Infested Towerwood is one of the various types of Towerwood Planks found in Dark Towers in the Twilight Forest. Infested Towerwood mimics the Infested Block found in vanilla Minecraft that spawns Silverfish. However, unlike Infested Blocks, Infested Towerwood spawns Towerwood Borers, a buffed version of Silverfish that have the same amount of health as normal Silverfish but have twice the attack strength, dealing one heart of damage instead of a half-heart of damage. They also share a skin and are only differentiated by the fact that Towerwood Borers have red eyes. Like Infested Blocks, Infested Towerwood will break and spawn Towerwood Borers if nearby Towerwood Borers (spawned from Towerwood Borer spawners or from other Infested Towerwood) take damage.

This can be very dangerous for the player if the player is high in a Dark Tower and there is Infested Towerwood as flooring, as the Infested Towerwood can break and leave an exposed fall threat to the player of several dozen or even over 100 blocks. Also like Infested Blocks, Infested Towerwood takes a much shorter time to break than regular Towerwood Planks and can be broken easily by hand, not requiring an axe of any sort to destroy. This is one indication of the fact that the Towerwood is infested. Infested Towerwood is also slightly darker than normal Towerwood Planks and has a termite-eaten overlay to it, suggesting visually as well to the player that the Towerwood is infested. This is one respect in which Infested Towerwood and Infested Block blocks differ.

Unlike normal Infested Blocks, Infested Towerwood can be harvested using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch to yield the actual Infested Towerwood block, without spawning a Towerwood Borer. This makes Infested Towerwood a potential griefing threat/tool to servers that have the Twilight Forest mod enabled.

Infested Towerwood can be generated from normal Towerwood by leaving a Towerwood Borer trapped next to a block of Towerwood Planks for an extended period of time. This will cause the Towerwood Borer to enter the Towerwood Planks, turning it visibly and functionally into a block of Infested Towerwood. In this method, the same Towerwood Borer can be used to infest Towerwood Planks and transform them into Infested Towerwood if care is taken. This can continue infinitely providing that the Towerwood Borer is not killed or lost, care is taken so that the player does not die and as long as the supply of Towerwood Planks holds up.


Infested Towerwood has no known uses in crafting.