Leaves of Transformation

Leaves of Transformation
Leaves of Transformation

Name Leaves of Transformation
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

Leaves of Transformation are a new type of work-in-progress leaf blocks that are found in conjunction with Transwood and the Heart of Transformation in a Tree of Transformation grown from Tree of Transformation Saplings. Currently, Leaves of Transformation are not denoted with a [WIP] tag in NEI such that they would be obviously a work-in-progress; however, Leaves of Transformation currently are not found anywhere in the in-game world and cannot be obtained legitimately. When a Tree of Transformation is grown from a Tree of Transformation Sapling, the tree and its leaves appear in a formation which appears to be that of a shorter Canopy Tree.

These leaves take on a non-stationary sprite that appears to have the characters found on the GUI of an Enchanting Table and those that flow between Enchanting Tables and nearby Bookshelves. These characters also "fall" as particle effects from leaf blocks and sometimes move outwards slightly, appearing to come to rest on any solid blocks that are not the leaf that the particle effect itself was generated by. Beneath the enchanting characters appears to be the sprite of regular oak leaves that have been turned blue. The enchanting characters on the sprite have a limited range, only displaying a total of six or seven characters across the entire sprite (which appears to be a loop of a regular 16x16 sprite) but the particle effects can take on any character.

Leaves of Transformation can be picked up with Shears, but as with other Twilight Forest Leaves, the Leaves of Transformation take time to break and cannot be instantly broken as with vanilla Leaves. Leaves of Transformation will drop a Spruce Sapling when broken manually instead of a Tree of Transformation Sapling, denoting that they and the tree that they are found in are not quite implemented or finished.

These leaves are colored with a blue color, but the leaves appear to be diagonally "striped" with both dark and light blue sprites when placed extensively. This occurs regardless of biome and appears to be location-dependent as is the case with Rainbow Oak Leaves, depending on both the X, Y and Z coordinates to determine the color of the leaf.

Trivia/Known Bugs[edit]

Even if Fast Graphics is turned on and leaves are set to be opaque (non-transparent), Leaves of Transformation will not comply with this and will still be transparent, possibly causing issues for low-end computers.