Snow Queen

Snow Queen
Name Snow Queen
Health 250 (Heart.png x 125)
Hostility Aggressive
Spawn Aurora Palace
Drops Snowball Snowball
Packed Ice Packed Ice
Tri-bow Tri-bow
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Snow Queen is a Mob Boss added by the Twilight Forest mod. Found in the Aurora Palace, located on top of a Glacier biome. She flies around the top of the Palace on an iceberg. She gives off a snow particle effect as she flies around.


Prior to engaging in combat with the Snow Queen, it is be recommended to follow the progression of the Glacier biome story line by defeating the Mobs and lesser Bosses in the biome prior to engaging the Queen, as skipping ahead would result in affecting the Player with Slowness V and unleash an heavy blizzard over the entire Glacier biome, reducing visibility considerably.

The Snow Queen will spawn Ice Crystals as she flies up and down. There are a few ways to kill the Snow Queen as she flies down, such as shooting her with a bow and arrow or use a melee weapon. However, using a ranged weapon may not help as any projectiles that misses the target and hit the iceberg will deflect back at the Player. The iceberg itself may also cause damage to the Player as it comes down. Using a Jetpack is a much safer way, a Player could fly up to her level and shoot her from mid air. Once the Snow Queen is at half health, she will begin using a frost breath attack that sends a laser like snow beam at the Player. Once killed, she drops Snowballs, Packed Ice, and a Tri-bow.