Redcap Sapper

Redcap Sapper
Redcap Sapper.png
Name Redcap Sapper
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Damage 2 (Heart.png)
Spawn In Hollow Hills and Twilight Forest Caves
Drops 0-3 Coal
Rare Drops 0-1 Ironwood Pick
0-1 Ironwood Boots
0-1 Maze Map Focus
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Redcap Sapper is a stronger variant of the Redcap Goblin that spawns beneath the surface of the Twilight Forest. It is most often found in Hollow Hills and Twilight Forest Caves, but can be found in any dark and underground space. While they deal an identical amount of damage to the Redcap Goblin, they have 50% more health than the Redcap Goblin, have upgraded armor in the form of Ironwood Boots substituted for the Redcap Goblin's regular Iron Boots and an Ironwood Pick in place of a vanilla Iron pick. They also have the capability to place TNT on the ground.

Redcap Sappers tend to use TNT as their primary attack. They will only attack the player as their leading attack in rare circumstances, such as when the player directly approaches and, quite literally, walks into their hitbox. Otherwise, they will circle around the player much as a Redcap Goblin will. Once they are near enough to the player and somewhat out of sight of the player, they will drop a primed TNT entity on the ground. This entity is commonly a good distance (2–3 meters) from the player and does not pose too much of a threat for players with any degree of armor. For unarmored players, it can deal a good 6-8 hearts but most likely will not kill the player, only leaving the player very injured and with a navigational difficulty in the form of a crater.

Redcaps tend to follow the following attack pattern: stay out of the player's eyesight and circle around until they are to the side of or behind the player, place TNT block 2–3 meters from the player, run away at high speed and wait for TNT to explode, and if the player has less than 6-7 hearts of health, the Redcap will then melee the player. Redcap Sappers will also directly melee with the player if the player is A) in water (they will hold a TNT block in hand instead of their pickaxe, indicating their desire to move the player out of the water and blow them up; Redcap Sappers refuse to place TNT in water) or B) if the player has taken damage from outside sources has less than 6-7 hearts of health. Thus, Redcap Sappers will only melee with a player who is either down on health or cannot easily be taken down on health via explosion (i.e. in water, etc) and will act on this.

Redcap Sappers, like Redcap Goblins, attempt to be stealthy and stay out of the player's vision. More often than not, this is counteracted by the Redcap Sapper's penchant for laughing constantly (an attribute shared by the normal goblin form) and by the Redcap Sapper's TNT entity's hissing noise that it creates as TNT blocks do when they become a primed TNT entity from a TNT block. This serves to alert the player and give the player a second or two to act while the TNT prepares to explode. Thus, Redcap Sappers are most effective with players with slow reaction time, muted speakers, low speakers, or who are using a block that has a GUI.


  • In the split second before it places a TNT block, a Redcap Sapper will switch from an Ironwood Pick to a TNT block in "preparation" for the attack.
  • Redcap Sappers, like their counterpart the Redcap Goblin, will attempt at all costs to stay out of the player's vision.
  • Redcap Sappers will ignite TNT that the player has placed, and while going to ignite the TNT, it will hold a Flint and Steel in its hand.