Skeleton Druid

Skeleton Druid
Skeleton Druid.png
Name Skeleton Druid
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Damage 2 (Heart.png) from the ranged "nature" bolts that it shoots, plus another Heart.png from poison damage per bolt
Spawn In Skeleton Druid Houses in the Twilight Forest
Drops 0-2 Torchberries and 0-3 Bones
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Skeleton Druid is a type of mob that is found in Skeleton Druid Houses found scattered at random throughout the Twilight Forest. These houses are constructed from Moss Stone with a roof of Wooden Planks and a chimney with a fireplace made out of bricks. Inside of the house is a Skeleton Druid spawner. Skeleton Druids can also be found whenever there is a King Spider, as (providing that the Druid has not dismounted or been killed, as both are possible) King Spiders, whether naturally spawned or from Spawn Eggs, invariably carry a Skeleton Druid on their back from the moment that they are spawned in.

Skeleton Druids shoot ranged projectiles much like normal Skeletons. These projectiles do not take on a 3D sprite as arrows do and instead adapt the 2D sprite of Wheat Seeds from vanilla Minecraft. They also spawn the same particle effect that appears upon the usage of a weapon to critical-hit a mob or when a critical-hitting arrow is loosed from a Bow. When these projectiles come into contact with the player, the player takes one heart of initial damage and also has Poison I for 2 seconds applied, dealing an additional heart of damage.

If projectiles come into contact with the ground, they will have an effect similar to that of Bone Meal, generating Tall Grass if they land on a grass block. This does not appear to be able to grow planted plants, such as Wheat, Saplings, Melon/Pumpkin Stems, and so forth. However, these projectiles could be used as a way of infinitely gathering seeds and flowers, providing that the player doing so is adept at dodging the projectiles of the Skeleton Druid. Although these projectiles are launched at regular intervals and move much slower than an arrow would if launched by a Skeleton, they can still be tricky to dodge and to control such that they hit uncovered grass.

When Skeleton Druids are killed, Torchberries are occasionally dropped, making Torchberries a renewable item even though they cannot be grown. Thus, a Skeleton Druid spawner can sometimes be a somewhat valuable find, as it can be used as a component in the generation of Magic Map Foci or in the regeneration of a found Moonworm Queen.


  • As with normal Skeletons, it appears to be possible to get two Skeleton Druids to fight. However, one Skeleton Druid will lose interest in another after firing a single shot, at which point they will resume focusing on the player unless the other fires back.
  • Skeleton Druids appear to be affected by Instant Health potions as normal Skeletons are, taking damage with each potion used. Also like Skeletons, they appear to be unaffected by Regeneration potions and Poison effects both from a potion and from their own projectiles.
  • Skeleton Druids do not burn in the daylight - this might be because they have a hood.