Timewood Leaves

Timewood Leaves
Timewood Leaves

Name Timewood Leaves
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 1.0
Hardness 0.2
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Drops itself (with Shears)
Oak Sapling Oak Sapling (0-1)
Required Tool Shears

Timewood Leaves are a type of leaves that are found in the Tree of Time in conjunction with Timewood and a single Timewood Clock. When a Tree of Time is grown from a Tree of Time Sapling (an item only found in the chests of the Twilight Forest Landmarks#Leaf Dungeon), several miniature "spheres" of Timewood Leaves appear, not unlike those which would be created when using a spherical brush in MCEdit. These spheres surround Timewood and the top of the trunk of the Tree of Time.

Timewood Leaves appear to be another reusage of the texture for oak and birch leaves in vanilla Minecraft. Timewood Leaves also take on another secondary non-stationary sprite across their surface that appears to be several small objects of unknown description moving across its surface. This secondary sprite is a 16x16 image that infinitely cycles across each face of the block. Timewood Leaves, like other "magic" leaves in "magic" trees such as the Leaves of Transformation, take on a dynamic color based on their X, Y and Z coordinates. Although the color spectrum of Timewood Leaves is still limited, it has far more range than that of other leaf blocks, although it still has less variety than that of the Rainbow Oak Leaves.

Whereas Rainbow Oak Leaves appear to be able to access the entirety or most of the entirety of the entire hexadecimal color spectrum, Timewood Leaves can access several dozen shades each of orange, yellow, red and green colors, along with intermediary shades between the four.

Timewood Leaves can be harvested with Shears to yield the block itself. When broken by hand, will yield an Oak Sapling from vanilla Minecraft.


Timewood Leaves has no known uses in crafting.

Trivia/Known Bugs[edit]

In earlier versions, even if Fast Graphics is turned on and leaves are set to be opaque (non-transparent), Timewood Leaves will not comply with this and will still be transparent, possibly causing issues for low-end computers.