Peacock Feather Fan

Peacock Feather Fan
Peacock Feather Fan

Name Peacock Feather Fan
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 1024

The Peacock Feather Fan is an item in the Twilight Forest that is found occasionally as loot in medium or large Hollow Hills or in Labyrinths. When the Peacock Feather Fan is used, entities in front of the player will be pushed backwards. This applies to mobs, both hostile, passive and friendly, dropped items and blocks, and even the player. If the player is running and then jumps while simultaneously using the Peacock Feather Fan, a high-jump effect is produced not unlike that of the Quantum Boots that will boost the player about a dozen blocks into the air and move the player forward slightly faster than normal walking or running. This can be used as a getaway tactic, although it is a better idea to use the Fan to push enemies back, as getting the jump effect to work can be quite tricky and does not function properly in a consistent manner, especially in older versions of the Twilight Forest mod.

This jump effect appears to be either facilitated by the Jump Boost potion effect in vanilla Minecraft or causes the Jump Boost effect as an aesthetic mechanism to signify that the player has utilized the high-jump effect of the Fan, as the effect's true purpose is unclear. This may also be a way of making a bug (which the jump effect of the Fan may very well be) into a feature of the Fan. The Jump Boost potion effect is applied for a second to the player when the Fan is used in mid-jump. The Jump Boost effect does not last long enough to use it once the jump has been completed and the player has landed, even if it appears to do so.

In newer versions of the Twilight Forest mod, the Fan has a limited durability of 1,024 uses, identical to that of the Crumble Horn. However, a Peacock Feather Fan will most likely get used up less quickly than a Crumble Horn, making it a better long-term tool to use as a getaway tactic or a method of pushing a crowd of enemies away.