Pinch Beetle

Pinch Beetle
Pinch Beetle.png
Name Pinch Beetle
Health 44 (Heart.png x 22)
Damage 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) when it picks the player up and per pinch (pinches the player every 4 seconds, avg. of Heart.png per second)
Spawn In Labyrinths (mostly on the second floor), in Dark Towers and in Hollow Hills (mostly medium and large) in the Twilight Forest
Drops Nothing
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Pinch Beetle is a type of Beetle added by the Twilight Forest mod. They share a body mesh with the vanilla Spider, except for the fact that instead of having eight legs as a spider does, they have only six, defining them as an insect instead of as an arachnid. Pinch Beetles spawn within Hollow Hills and Labyrinths and spawn naturally, needing no spawner to do so. They have 22 hearts and deal 4 hearts of damage, making them the mob with the strongest non-boss attack power and the non-boss mob with the most health, even topping the attack power of every boss mob excepting the Hydra, and the Ur-Ghast (which is not in FTB yet). They also tie with the Slime Beetle in attack power. It is also sometimes more debilitating and difficult to escape from than any of the four boss mobs due to its pinching ability.

The Pinch Beetle is a reskinned and modified Spider with two large pincers on its face and two antennae on its head. When the Pinch Beetle sights a player, the Pinch Beetle approaches the player and grabs the player, picking up and carrying the player around the immediate area. The Pinch Beetle also deals damage over time, dealing four hearts every four seconds.

This is interpreted to be the beetle "pinching" the player while carrying him/her. The Pinch Beetle can also sometimes fall off of cliffs, which means that the Beetle and player both take damage, making the Pinch Beetle a very dangerous enemy due to its high level of health, its attack power, and its danger when near cliffs, as it is not prejudiced towards not walking off a cliff face towards a fall damage threat.

The Pinch Beetle picks the player up on attack, preventing the player from escaping from any means except killing the Beetle or trapping it with a Safari Net. The Beetle drops nothing, so it should not be engaged if at all possible, especially by a player that has lower-level armor and weapons or no armor and weapons. The Beetle can be a very difficult foe like the two other beetles, and thus should be avoided if possible, as it is pointless to attack it voluntarily.


  • The Pinch Beetle does not appear to be able to pick up (or possibly become angry at) Iron Golems.