Name Mazebreaker
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Item, Tool
Stackable No

The Mazebreaker (also known as the Mazebreaker Pick, Maze Pick, and so forth) is a special pickaxe that is found in a secret room in the Labyrinth that is adjacent to the second floor and can only be found if a Maze Map is available to map the room through the wall which it is buried behind. The Mazebreaker is the only pickaxe capable of breaking Mazestone with decent speed, accomplishing the feat in about the same time a stone pickaxe takes on cobblestone. There is no way of directly entering the secret room and acquiring the Mazebreaker. It is also possible to find it in the chests underneath ruins in the Twilight Forest, although this is rare.

The secret room containing the Mazebreaker can be found by looking for a solid block of Mazestone somewhere in the Maze that will appear on the Maze Map as a square of Mazestone. The secret room will be hidden inside this block of Mazestone, often behind several layers of Mazestone. The secret room will be guarded by wooden pressure plates hooked up to TNT that will destroy the entire room if one is not careful in disarming the plates. There will be chests full of items such as Emeralds or emerald blocks, buckets of milk, Steeleaf, and one or two Mazebreakers. For more information, see the Labyrinth page.

The Mazebreaker has 1561 durability points, making it exactly equivalent to a Diamond Pick. It is equivalent to a Diamond Pick in every way and superior in that it has three innate enchantments (Efficiency IV, Fortune II and Unbreaking III; the Mazebreaker always spawns with these enchantments whether in a chest or spawned in with NEI) and can mine Mazestone in a reasonable period of time. The Mazebreaker is also able to mine Obsidian and other diamond-pick exclusive blocks.