Twilight Oak

Twilight Oak
Name Twilight Oak
Name Twilight Oak
Height If grown from a Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling:
5-7 blocks normally, 10-15 if large (identical to normal oak tree)
If grown from a Robust Twilight Oak Sapling:
80-160 blocks in height, trunk diameter 3-9 blocks, massive crown of leaves and logs
Naturally Spawns In Nearly all Twilight Forest Biomes
Grown From Either Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling or Robust Twilight Oak Sapling
Log Type Twilight Oak Wood
Leaf Type Twilight Oak Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) If grown from a Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling:
Identical to normal Oak tree
If grown from a Robust Twilight Oak Sapling:
Several hundred logs
Roots If grown from a Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling:
No structure of Root blocks
If grown from a Robust Twilight Oak Sapling:
Yes, large to extreme size structure of Root blocks
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Twilight Oak is a type of tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. There are two types of Twilight Oak: the Sickly Twilight Oak, grown from a Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling and the Robust Twilight Oak, grown from a Robust Twilight Oak Sapling. Sickly Twilight Oaks generate using the same algorithm as normal Oak trees. As such, they generate about the same quantity of leaves, logs and generate no Root block structure. Robust Twilight Oaks are found throughout the Forest, piercing the canopy and going on for several dozen or hundred blocks above the canopy of the Forest. They generate several hundred or even up to a thousand logs, many hundred leaves, and sometimes even some Fireflies and Cicadas on their sides.

Anatomy of a Robust Twilight Oak[edit]

A Robust Twilight Oak is, without contest, the largest type of tree found in the Forest and is potentially the most efficient method of generating logs, as a single sapling and piece of Bone Meal can net the player several hundred or even up to a thousand logs. However, the tree will be difficult to cut down due to its sheer height and the sheer amount of logs present. Robust Twilight Oaks can sometimes reach up to the build limit of Y = 256. Offshoots will be present, made of Twilight Oak Wood with a sphere of Twilight Oak Leaves on top. Cicadas and Fireflies will nest on the side of the tree.

A typical Robust Twilight Oak has a trunk diameter of anywhere from 3 to 9 blocks. The oak is always hollow, even if barely so, with Vines winding up the inside, presumably to allow the player to climb up to the top of the tree to be able to chop it down or view the entirety of the forest around the player. The Robust Twilight Oak contains offshoots with leaves and a massive crown of leaves on top of itself.

Chopping Down Twilight Oaks[edit]

For regular Twilight Oaks grown with Sickly saplings, an axe and regular tree farm is sufficient for chopping them down. However, due to the sheer quantity of blocks in a Robust Oak, regular axes will almost certainly be insufficient for taking them down. The thick structure of Roots that generate beneath each tree are also difficult to clean up, making a Robust Twilight Oak Sapling a potential griefing tool if used properly due to the sheer size of the tree that it generates. Possible strategies include, but may not be limited to:

  • Calling in a number of friends if on an SMP server, each equipped with a Chainsaw or high-quality axe and one or more Ender Pouches for storing logs, leaves and saplings
  • Using a Quarry or other automatic mining tool to take out the tree from the top down and return blocks; this may not provide saplings or leaves to the player, however
  • Using an instant-mining tool such as a Vajra; a Mining Laser is not recommended, as it can burn down the tree, causing lag and the loss of lots of logs and leaves
  • Using a large quantity of Industrial TNT in strategic locations
  • Using a small cache of the Axe of Stream from Thaumcraft.


  • Only Sickly Twilight Oak Saplings can be acquired by allowing Twilight Oak Leaves to decay, whereas Robust Twilight Oak Saplings must be found as extremely rare loot in Twilight Forest Landmarks such as the Labyrinth.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Robust Twilight Oak Saplings can be grown with a single piece of Bone Meal if they have enough room to grow. Due to the way in which the tree generates (each component, including offshoots, has its own individual generation .class file in the code due to the tree's sheer scale) it will take about 2–3 seconds depending on processor speed and RAM allocation for a Robust Twilight Oak to generate with use of Bone Meal, and any Bone Meal used in this interval will not speed the process. For best results, use a Robust sapling under perfectly open sky with room for one to two hundred blocks vertical space and a clearing space of about 25x25 around the sapling. This will almost certainly ensure successful growth with a single piece of Bone Meal.