Twilight Wraith

Twilight Wraith
Twilight Wraith.png
Name Twilight Wraith
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Damage 5 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHearthalf.png)
Spawn Only in Large-size Hollow Hills in the Twilight Forest
Drops 0-3 Glowstone Dust
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Twilight Wraith is a ghost-like mob from the Twilight Forest mod that spawns within only large-sized Hollow Hills. It can spawn either from a spawner assigned to Wraiths or innately, as Wraiths are coded to spawn innately within large-sized hills. The Wraith appears to share the same body mesh as a Zombie, having extended arms instead of arms like the player's, possibly as they are ghosts. The Wraith's texture is mostly transparent, except for its two green eyes and its golden crown. This can make it hard to spot, especially in areas of extreme light or dark.

The Wraith has a tendency to float upwards, achieving a maximum Y-coordinate height of about 64 (or ~40 blocks above ground? further testing required). Normally, this would equate to sea level in the overworld, but due to the fact that sea level is at Y = 32 in the Twilight Forest and the roof of Large Hollow Hills usually stretches to a maximum of about 64, this seems to fit such that spawned Wraiths are not able to escape their Hollow Hill through holes dug by the player except in very rare circumstances.

The Wraith will never directly attack the player, not gravitating towards the player if the player attacks the Wraith or if the player comes very close nearby. Instead, the Wraith will wander through the air at random, appearing to have no particular target. Occasionally, (every four to ten minutes when exploring a Hollow Hill) the Wraith will decide to be hostile to the player and attack the player actively, providing that the Wraith can stay out of range of the player and slip behind the player's back to attack the player.

The Wraith behaves similar to a Redcap Goblin or Redcap Sapper as much as they want to be stealthy and attack the player without being noticed, and succeed more often as they make quieter noises than Redcaps and in that they can deal quite a bit of damage. Due to the Wraith's tendency to wander towards higher Y coordinates and not touch the ground, the Wraith often attacks players who are mining ores in the ceiling of a Hollow Hill.

Due to the fact that A) it is a long distance of two to three dozen blocks from the ceiling to the ground of a Hill and B) the Wraith deals 2.5 hearts to an unarmored player, the fall can be fatal even to armored players. Thus, a Wraith can be a very dangerous enemy, and it is advisable to keep one's back against a wall and keep your ears open for quiet wails so as not to be knocked off of the stalactites of a Hollow Hill by a Wraith while mining ores.