Twilight Forest Technical Blocks

Twilight Forest Technical Blocks refers to a variety of blocks that appear in NEI, but are not normally acquired in the game or are not necessarily meant to be acquired in-game and are instead used for world generation or some other purpose. These blocks do not function properly when spawned in with NEI and placed in the world and are instead serving some in-game function.

Boss Spawner[edit]

The Boss Spawner is used to spawn the Twilight Lich and the Naga in the Lich Towers and the Naga Courtyards respectively, along with the Hydra in Hydra Lairs. These blocks cannot be obtained normally in the game, as when the player approaches, the respective mob automatically spawns and the player does not have enough time to collect the Boss Spawner block. When the block is placed by the player, it will still spawn mobs.

Miscellaneous Blocks[edit]

The Twilight Forest Portal is created upon entering the Twilight Forest through a Twilight Forest Portal or by throwing a Diamond into a 2x2 pool of Water surrounded by flower-topped grass. This block is not used in any crafting recipes and cannot be crafted or obtained normally, similar to a Nether portal block in vanilla Minecraft. For more information, see Twilight Forest.


  • When a Twilight Forest Portal is spawned in, it can be placed on the ground normally to transport the user to the Twilight Forest. If two of these are placed adjacent to one another or if a block update occurs next to one of them and there are not portal blocks occupying two of the blocks adjacent to the "triggered" block, instead of simply disappearing as Nether Portal blocks from vanilla Minecraft would, the updated block(s) turn into water source blocks.