Transformation Powder

Transformation Powder
Transformation Powder

Name Transformation Powder
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Transformation Powder is an item added by Twilight Forest.

This item can commonly be found in treasure chests in the Twilight Forest realm. Currently, there is no other way it can be obtained.

With Transformation Powder held in your hand, right-clicking Overworld/Nether/End mobs will transform them into their corresponding Twilight Forest Mob, at the cost of one item. This can also be done the opposite way when right-clicking a Twilight Forest Mob.

The table below lists the current mob pairs. Mobs that aren't listed, including Boss Mobs, will not be affected.

Twilight Mob Overworld Mob
Minotaur Zombie Pigman
Wild Deer Cow
Wild Boar Pig
Bighorn Sheep Sheep
Forest Raven Bat
Hostile Wolf Wolf
Penguin Chicken
Hedge Spider Spider
Swarm Spider Cave Spider
Wraith Blaze
Redcap Villager
Skeleton Druid Witch