Maze/Ore Map

Maze/Ore Map
Grid Maze Ore Map.png
Name Maze/Ore Map
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Item, Navigational
Stackable If unfocused, yes (64); if focused, no

The Maze/Ore Map is an upgraded version of the Maze Map that, in addition to mapping the normal blocks of a Maze Map, allows for the easy mapping and discovery of ores. Like the Maze Map, the Maze/Ore Map begins zoomed fully in, but both the Maze Map and the Maze/Ore Map cannot be zoomed out as a regular Map can. All of the seven vanilla ores are mapped on a Maze/Ore Map, but mod ores will not appear on a Maze/Ore Map. Caves may sometimes appear on a Maze/Ore Map, making it a possible method of finding caves.

However, in newer versions of the Twilight Forest, the Maze/Ore Map cannot be cleared, which means that a Maze/Ore Map can only map a single 128x128 area at a given Y coordinate which cannot be shifted. Given that a Maze/Ore Map costs a block of Diamond, Gold and Iron, you should think through where exactly you use the map. If you activate the map at Y 12 coordinate of unmined area you will be able to get over stack of diamonds (depending on your fortune level). On the other hand if you activate the map in exhausted area or higher Y coordinates you will have lower chance to get valuable ores.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Maze Map
Block of Diamond

Block of Iron
Block of Gold

Maze/Ore Map