Sorting Tree

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Sorting Tree
Name Sorting Tree
Name Sorting Tree
Height Always 5 blocks
Naturally Spawns In n/a; must be grown from a spawned-in sapling
Grown From Sorting Tree Sapling
Log Type Sortingwood
Leaf Type Sorting Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) Always 3 logs
Roots No
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Sorting Tree is a type of "magic" tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It can be found naturally at any currently known location within the forest and can be grown with Bone Meal or natural means from a spawned-in Sorting Tree Sapling. At some point, these saplings may be found as loot in locations such as the Dark Tower and chests in giant twilight oak trees. The tree itself is made up of three blocks of Sortingwood, a Sortingwood Engine and surrounded completely in Sorting Leaves.

The Sorting Tree takes on a small, bush-like form when grown, with Sorting Leaves completely surrounding a four-block-tall core of logs. It generates consistently in this manner without any room for variation. When grown, a Sorting Tree generates no structure of Root blocks beneath it, unlike the three other types of "magic" trees. Currently, a Sorting Tree cannot be grown legitimately as it can only be grown through a spawned-in sapling. This is not a sustainable method of farming logs, as Sortingwood currently cannot be turned into Wooden Planks by any in-game means, and Sorting Leaves do not drop Sorting Tree Saplings, meaning that the player cannot use a Sorting Tree's leaves to create another Sorting Tree.