Name GraviChestPlate
Source Mod Gravitation Suite
ID Name Unknown
Type Armor
Stackable No
Energy 10,000,000

The GraviChestPlate is a piece of chest armor added by Gravitation Suite. It has the same features as the Quantum Chestplate.  In addition, it can store 10 times as much EU (10 million), allows creative mode flight, and provides EU to electric tools such as the Mining Drill or the Chainsaw. The GraviChestPlate can receive power from the Solar Helmet or the Ultimate Solar Helmet. It can also be charged or discharged in either an MFE or an MFSU.

The GraviChestPlate also consumes power more quickly (as do the Quantum Leggings and the Quantum Boots) when the Boost key (defaults to the left Control key; configurable in Controls) is pressed. This ability only functions if the Gravitation Engines are turned on (toggled with F). This causes EU consumption to triple, but flight becomes affected by the Quantum Leggings' sprinting abilities, more than tripling in speed.

If the Gravitation Engines are left running, the chestplate will consume EU regardless of whether or not the player is flying. The Gravitation Engines will run for 16 minutes and 15 seconds before the chestplate runs out of power. The Gravitation Engine consumes 512 EU/t while active, allowing an Ultimate Solar Helmet to keep pace with the Gravitation Engines if it is daytime and the sun is visible. The Gravitation Engines consume ~1536 EU/t if the boost key is held.

Expensive/Tedious resources needed include:


For the coolant cells, it is convenient to use 3 Project Tables, 3 Barrels or Empty Diamond Chests and keep 12 Stacks of Tin Ingots and 96 Water Cells in player's inventory.

The recipe for the specific coolant cell should be created in a respective Project Table, then the player should unload all of the Water Cells into the project table, followed by the Tin (for the 60K Coolant Cells, creating the Dense Copper Plates beforehand is required), then creating as many Coolant Cells as can fit into player's inventory, then placing all of them into the Barrels or the Chests.

Note: It is possible to produce 60k Coolant Cells with only Water Cells, Tin Ingots, and Empty Cells. Make 10k Coolant Cells, place in a tank (ex. XyCraft Multi Tank), then fill a Liquid Transposer with the resulting Coolant. One Empty Cell will accept 60,000 mB and make a 60k Cell, circumventing the need for additional Tin and any Copper.*

  • Feed The Beast Unleashed version 1.1.7, running over Minecraft 1.5.2, has a bug related to the above advice. Attempting to load coolant into a glass tank using a Liquid Transposer will corrupt the save game and crash your game as a result. You must use a world editor and remove the Liquid Transposer to uncorrupt the save game. This is confirmed to occur in multiplayer too.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Superconductor (Gravitation Suite)
QuantumSuit Bodyarmor
Superconductor (Gravitation Suite)
Gravitation Engine
Gravitation Engine
Superconductor (Gravitation Suite)
Ultimate Lappack
Superconductor (Gravitation Suite)


GraviChestPlate has no known uses in crafting.