Twilight Forest Caves

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Twilight Forest Caves are hollow cavities in the terrain, much like the Overworld's caves. However, the reduced Twilight Forest "sea level" of Y=32 results in an increased spawn rate of valuable resources close to the surface. Torchberries, Liveroot and root blocks that provide the player with Sticks can be found as unique additions to the caves. Due to the "flattened" nature of the world, there is more dirt than stone, potentially obscuring valuable ore blocks.

Dungeons identical to those in the overworld will spawn due to the Twilight Forest's usage of some elements of the regular terrain generation; however, the quantity of dungeons will be less as there is a restricted range of Y coordinates in which dungeons may spawn.

Caves will contain vanilla enemies such as Skeletons and Zombies, but Kobolds are also common.