Maze Slime

Maze Slime
Maze Slime.png
All three sizes of Maze Slime.
Name Maze Slime
Health Largest size has 32 (Heart.png x 16)
Medium size has 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Smallest size has 2 (Heart.png)
Damage Largest size deals 7 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHearthalf.png)
Medium size deals 5 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHearthalf.png)
Smallest size deals no damage
Spawn The second floor of a Labyrinth
Drops 0-3 Slime Ball (smallest size only)
If Large or Medium, 2-4 Medium or Small slimes, respectively
Rare Drops 0-1 Charm of Keeping I (all sizes)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

Maze Slimes are a variation on the Slime from vanilla Minecraft. Instead of spawning in specific chunks, Maze Slimes spawn exclusively within a Labyrinth, and usually only on the second floor of a Labyrinth. They are twice as durable as normal Slimes, deal about twice as much damage (excepting the Small size, which still deals no damage) but are also potentially more valuable. Maze Slimes will drop Slime Balls if they are small size, similar to their vanilla counterparts, but also have a chance at all sizes to drop a Charm of Keeping I, making the Charm of Keeping a renewable resource.

Maze Slimes usually spawn in smaller groups than normal Slimes due to the cramped, crowded and heavily walled nature of the Labyrinth. Thus, they make less fearsome adversaries, but a large Maze Slime can still be highly dangerous, as a large Maze Slime can quite easily corner the player in a small Labyrinth corridor and be difficult to defeat due to its large amount of health (60% more than that of the player) and its stronger attack power as compared to a normal Slime. Maze Slimes also spawn more experience; exact amounts are currently unknown, but a small Maze Slime drops more than one experience unit, whereas a regular Slime can only drop one experience unit.

Trivia/Known Bugs[edit]

  • Although with regular Slimes it is possible to spawn a Tiny size slime with a Slime spawn egg, the same does not appear to be possible when using a Maze Slime spawn egg. These slimes must instead be created by breaking a Medium-size slime.