Name Kobold
Health 13 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHearthalf.png)
Damage 3 (Heart.pngHearthalf.png)
Spawn In Hollow Hills and Twilight Forest Caves
Drops 0-2 Wheat and 0-1 Gold Nugget
Source Mod Twilight Forest

Kobolds are blue, dwarf-like creatures with large ears that spawn beneath the surface of the Twilight Forest, usually in Twilight Forest Caves or within Hollow Hills. They can also rarely be found in Ruins. They have a tendency to spawn in large groups or packs and will attack the player on sight, often teaming up on a player to defeat him/her. If one of the Kobolds is killed, the Kobold will give off crying particles. This will "signal" to other Kobolds to run away. These Kobolds will stay in fear of the player for about 3 seconds, then resume attacking the player.

Kobolds are fairly weak creatures, having only 6.5 hearts of health and dealing only 1.5 hearts of damage with each attack. In small numbers or with fairly competent tools and armor (even the most basic will get the job done when fighting Kobolds) Kobolds are no threat to the player. Kobolds drop Wheat and a small amount of Gold when killed, making them more of an annoyance and an inventory-flooding mob than anything else.