Naga Courtyard

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The Naga courtyard. The Boss Spawner is shown at center.

The Naga Courtyard is the battleground of a Naga. It is made of Mossy Stone Brick and Nagastone, a special type of block with a snake pattern embossed upon it. It is approximately 80x80 in size and clears out any area of forest that it spawns in. In the center is a Boss Spawner (can be found in NEI; creates a Naga when it is placed and when the player is close enough to spawn) that spawns a Naga when the player approaches. The Naga will destroy blocks, but will typically not leave the Naga Courtyard or destroy it in pursuit of the player. Nagastone can only be found in the walls of this courtyard, making it somewhat rare. Also found in the walls of the courtyard are Mossy Stone Bricks, another otherwise unobtainable block.

If the player is outside of the courtyard's range, the Naga cannot be damaged.