Forge Ore Dictionary

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This page covers content or features that are no longer available in newer mod versions.

Information on this article does not apply to most recent versions of the respective mod, the described features have been deprecated or removed.

The Forge Ore Dictionary is a system added by Minecraft Forge. This system allows items added by different mods to be used interchangeably.

For example, this could allow a Copper Ingot added by Thermal Foundation to be used in a Mekanism recipe that requires Copper.

Not only ores can be used in the dictionary; it can be used for whatever a mod author wishes to program it for. The Ore Dictionary name of an item can be seen with Not Enough Items or a Dictionary from Mekanism.

In order to avoid having stacks of similar but different resources lying around, the different items can be unified by using a Unifier or a Forge Lexicon.

A list of Ore Dictionary entries can be found here.

As of Minecraft 1.13 Ore Dictionary was removed from forge, being replaced by Tags system from Vanilla.