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Name Silverfish
Health 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Hostility Aggressive
Drops Silver Nugget Silver Nugget
Source Mod Minecraft

Silverfish are a hostile mob from vanilla Minecraft. They can live inside Infested Blocks that look like Stone blocks or Stone Bricks. It is found in Strongholds and Extreme Hills biomes, creating a hazard when mining. Blocks containing Silverfish will break quickly by hand, making this a simple test if you wish to avoid fighting Silverfish. When a Silverfish takes non-fatal damage, it will call for help from nearby Silverfish, which will break out of hiding to attack the player.

The Special Mobs mod adds some stronger Silverfish to the game.

The Nether Ores mod adds a cousin of the Silverfish, the Hellfish, to the Nether.