Zombie Horse

Zombie Horse
Zombie Horse.png
Name Zombie Horse
Health 26 (Heart.png x 13)
Hostility Passive/Friendly
Spawn None (Vanilla)
from Mob Infusion (Thaumic Horizons)
Score 1
Drops Leather Leather (0-2)
Source Mod Minecraft

Zombie Horse is a Mob Infusion added by the Thaumic Horizons mod. It can be applied to Horse. The resulting creature is a vanilla Zombie Horse. Right-clicking this mob with Wheat heals it by 1 heart (2 health points).

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Horse Infusions
Friendship is thaumaturgy

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Many thaumaturges scorn horses as beneath them - after all, they cannot fly, and any apprentice with Boots of the Traveler can outrun one. Your research into creature infusion will soon make these colleagues look rather foolish.

The equine body adapts surprisingly well to infusion with thaumaturgical gadgetry. You have managed to integrate the mechanics of a thaumostatic harness into a horse's hooves, creating a steed which is both faster than a mundane horse and capable of flight. The thaumostatic mechanisms are powered by the animal's stamina, so it does require rest upon landing.

Most creatures can scarcely tolerate an Enderheart infusion, but for unknown reasons a horse's body is much less likely to reject the alien organ. Based on this discovery you have developed a specialized version of the earlier infusion, resulting in an Endersteed.

Not only can this enchanted horse carry a rider as it makes dimensional leaps, but its teleportation is significantly more controlled. By pulling on the horse's reins you can induce it to blink short distances ahead, even through solid objects. This replaces your ability to control a normal horse's jumps.

Equine anatomy is unusual in one other way - when slain and reanimated, horses lack the aggressive instincts of other undead. Moreover, they are surprisingly trainable, recall any training they had in life, and can bear a rider as easily as their living counterparts.

A relatively simple infusion can create a skeletal or zombified horse. Skeletal horses are swifter than their living counterparts, while zombie horses are more durable."

Mob Infusion Recipe[edit]

GUI TC4 Infusion.png
Infusion Altar
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Rotten Flesh
Zombie Horse
Horse (Thaumic Horizons)


Zombie Horse has no known uses in crafting.