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Skeleton JE6 BE4.png
Name Skeleton
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Hostility Aggressive
Drops Bone Bone (0-2)
Arrow Arrow (0-2)
Rare Drops Bow Bow [1]
Armor Pieces Armor Pieces
Source Mod Minecraft

The Skeleton is an aggressive mob from vanilla Minecraft.

It spawns in the Overworld and in the Nether Fortress when the light level is below 8. When suspended to daylight, it will start to burn and therefore tries to hide during daytime. Sometimes it spawns wearing armor and rarely it rides on a Spider or (in newer versions of Minecraft) on a Skeleton Horse.

Unlike Zombies, it will stay a few blocks away from the player and shoot arrows at him. But when it looses its bow, it will start to run after the player and attack him with his fist. When killed, it can drop up to two bones and arrows and will sometimes drop a used bow, which rarely has enchantments on it.

Subtypes of the Skeleton are the Wither Skeleton and the Stray.


Special Mobs adds a number of Skeleton varieties which can ignite, poison or disarm the player with their arrows.

When a Skeleton falls into Witch Water it becomes a Wither Skeleton.


  1. Looting enchantment will only increase the chance to obtain the rare drops and not the amount dropped