Spider Jockey

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Spider Jockey
Name Spider Jockey
Health 16 (Heart.png×8, Spider); 20 (Heart.png×10, Skeleton)
Hostility Hostile
Drops Common:
String String (0-2)
Bone Bone (0-2)
Arrow Arrow (0-2)
Spider Eye Spider Eye (0-1) [1]
Source Mod Minecraft

The Spider Jockey is a Skeleton riding a Spider. The Spider Jockey is from vanilla Minecraft. When a Spider spawns, it has a 1% to spawn with a Skeleton on top, or a 0.8% to spawn with a Wither Skeleton (when spawned with a Spawn Egg in the Nether) or a Stray (when spawning in cold biomes). It can shoots arrows, and is as fast as a Spider. Spider and Skeleton have to be killed independently, so a Spider Jockey will grant both of their drops.


  1. Looting enchantment will increase the chance to obtain the item, but not the amount dropped