Magma Cube

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Magma Cube
Magma Cube.png
Name Magma Cube
Health 16 (Heart.png × 8) (Big)
4 (Heart.pngHeart.png) (Medium)
1 (Half Heart.png) (Small)
Armor 12 (Armor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.png) (Big)
6 (Armor.pngArmor.pngArmor.png) (Medium)
3 (Armor.pngHalf Armor.png) (Small)
Hostility Hostile
Drops Magma Cream Magma Cream (0-1, except small ones)
Source Mod Minecraft

Magma Cube is a mob added by vanilla Minecraft, which spawns naturally all over the Nether, but can be found most commonly at Nether Fortresses. Magma Cubes will jump around and split up in smaller Cubes when killed. They won't take damage in Lava, but cannot swim and will drown in Water.

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