Zombified Piglin

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Zombified Piglin
Mob Zombified Piglin.png
Name Zombified Piglin
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Armor 2 (Icon Armor.png)
Hostility Neutral
Drops Common:
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh (0-1)
Gold Nugget Gold Nugget (0-1)
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot (0-1)
Golden Sword Golden Sword (0-1)[1]
Source Mod Minecraft

Zombified Piglins (formerly known as Zombie Pigmen) is a vanilla Minecraft creature that lives in the Nether. It will not attack the player unless it or any nearby Zombified Piglin is attacked first. The player should always calculate the risk of attacking, as these mobs do up to 6 hearts of damage (hard difficulty) and have 2 armor points, but will be a good source of gold.

With Nether Ores installed, Zombified Piglins will also attack, when an ore block is broken in their tracking radius.

Special Mobs adds two new variants of the Zombified Piglins.

Zombified Piglin before 1.16.


  1. Looting enchantment will increase the chance to obtain the rare drops, but not the amount dropped