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Name Villager
Health 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Hostility Passive
Source Mod Minecraft

The Villager is a passive mob from vanilla Minecraft.

Their primary purpose is for trade, usually offering some simple resource in exchange for emeralds, occasionally offering rare or expensive items, such as enchantments on diamond tools or armour.

In Tinkers' Construct you can smelt villagers into liquified emerald in Smeltery.

They spawn naturally in structures called Villages, located in the overworld. Feed the Beast adds new Villager professions, such as the bee-keeper, wizard, tinkerer, and others, offering trades for such things as Oreberry Bushes, Amber, bee princesses and other mod-specific items. Often a villager with a unique profession like bee-keeper will spawn inside a bee-themed house, which will have apiaries in the yard and a chest inside with bee-keeping goodies.

Using Thaumcraft 4 with the addon Thaumic Horizons, you can actually create villagers using a Curative Vat