Salmon (Mob)

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Name Salmon
Health 3 (Heart.pngHalf Heart.png)
Hostility Passive
Spawn Ocean
Drops Raw Salmon Raw Salmon (1)
Cooked Salmon Cooked Salmon (1, when on fire)
Bone Meal Bone Meal (5% chance)
Source Mod Minecraft

Salmon is a fish added by vanilla Minecraft. It will spawn in frozen and cold ocean biomes. It will always drop exactly one Raw Salmon (or Cooked Salmon when killed with fire) on death, regardless of the level of Looting on the weapon. There is a 5% chance of additionally dropping Bone Meal, which is not affected by the Looting enchantment either. It can be transported by picking it up with a Water Bucket (right-click) and placing it again with right-clicking.

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