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Mob Fox.png
When spawned in a snowy biome, foxes are white in color.
Name Fox
Health 10 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Damage 2 (Heart.png)
Hostility Passive
Spawn Taiga biomes
Breeding Sweet Berries Sweet Berries
Source Mod Minecraft

Fox is a passive (to player) animal added by vanilla Minecraft. It spawns in Taiga-like biomes, with 5% of them spawning as babies, just like other animals. It doesn't drop anything, except for the item it currently holds, but it's much more better to make it drop that item by giving the fox food.

Foxes have a 20% chance to spawn with an item, which, by default can be an Emerald, Rabbit's Foot, Rabbit Hide, Egg, Wheat, Leather or a Feather.

Wild wolves and both adult and baby polar bears are aggressive toward foxes when within 18 block radius.


Foxes move quickly like ocelots and flee from nearby players and wolves. However, they do not flee if the player approaches them while sneaking. They don't take any damage from sweet berry bushes. Breeding 2 adults with sweet berries produces a kit that trusts the player, but follows nearby adult foxes. Naturally spawned kits do not trust players. Foxes attack chickens, rabbits, cod, salmon, and tropical fish, they can also attack baby turtles when on land. However, foxes don't attack wolves, even if they are being attacked by them. Foxes also may attack mobs that hurt a player they trust. Foxes attack either by running up to the target or by pouncing. Red foxes prefer to attack chickens, rabbits, and baby turtles, all of which are on land, while arctic foxes prefer to attack cod, salmon, and tropical fish over land-dwelling creatures.

During the day, if a thunderstorm is not occurring, foxes attempt to find a space with a sky light level of 14 or less and sleep. Block light has no effect on this. While it sleeps, it slowly moves its head up and down. A fox wakes if approached by a player or mob. Foxes do not flee if the player approaches while sneaking until the player gets on an adjacent block. If the sky light at the fox's position becomes 15, either due to a block above being destroyed or the fox being moved, the fox wakes up. Foxes do not sleep if they are within 12 blocks of an Armor Stand.

If any item is on the ground near a fox, it travels to the item and picks it up, and the item appears in the fox's mouth. It can pick any item, but prefers foods (Except block foods, like cake). It can also eat the food in it's mouth is affected by the side effects from the food, such as poison or teleportation. If there is a stage 3 or 4 sweet berry bush within a 16 block radius of a fox, it sprints toward the bush and eats the berries, dropping the item it was holding. A fox can attack with a weapon it currently holds and be revived by the Totem of Undying if it holds it.