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The Nether is a Vanilla Minecraft dimension. It is possible to make a Mystcraft Linking Book that leads to the Nether in addition to the normal Nether Portal from Vanilla. It is a good source of lava for energy generation for both Buildcraft and IndustrialCraft2. Many exclusive blocks and mobs can be found here, at the risk of increased danger.

Ores and Resources[edit]

The following can be found in the Nether:


All vanilla mobs are excluded from this list

A hostile oversized spider that spawns on netherrack. When the spider harms a player, there is a chance that the player will catch on fire. Otherwise they are identical to overworld spiders. They drop Flamestring when killed.
A downsized version of the Heatscar Spider. 3 of these spawn after killing a Heatscar Spider. They retain all the abilities of the Heatscar Spider but have less health. They, like the Heatscar Spider, drop Flamestring when killed.
A hostile version of the overworld Bat. It leaves a trail of fire particles behind it as it flies. It makes a screeching sound when it attacks a player, and can set the player on fire. They spawn when Flux in the area is high, and have a chance to explode after attacking the player once or twice. They drop Claws when killed.
An "enhanced" version of the overworld creeper, Nitro Creepers spawn on netherrack. They have a much smaller explosion timer than an overworld creeper, @ 1 second. They drop Gunpowder when killed.
A small passive mob that spawns on netherrack. They drop Imp Leather which can be made into fire-resistant armor, as well as Raw Imphide which can be consumed, though eating will light the player on fire, apply Poison for 5 seconds, and apply Hunger for 8 seconds. It is recommended to cook the Raw Imphide before consumption because doing so will apply 15 seconds of Fire Resistance and only 2 seconds of Poison.


All vanilla flora are excluded from this list.

A dark blue-black tree that spawns infrequently on netherrack. Mining it causes the wood to explode, unless using a Mining Laser or a Silk Touch tool.
A pale white tree that spawns rarely on netherrack. It can be farmed in the overworld, provided it is placed on netherrack.
A tree that spawns rarely on the ceiling of the nether. Its wood is the hardest wood to mine and yields blood-red planks.
A tree that spawn fairly often on netherrack. Some leaves contain Potash Apples that drop when the leaf is broken. Eating one restores 4 hunger points but gives the Poison effect for 1 second, dealing 2 hearts of damage.
Vines that spawn on the ceiling of the nether. Touching them damages mobs at the same rate as cactus. They cannot be climbed.
A mushroom that grows on netherrack. Has multiple variants: Green Glowshroom, Purple Glowshroom, and Blue Glowshroom. All of these also have "giant" variants that can be grown by applying Bonemeal to the small mushroom.
A bush found on netherrack. Right or left clicking on the bush (if it has ripened) will give 1 Skyberry. Eating one applies a three second Slow effect and an eight second Jump Boost.
A bush found on netherrack. Right or left clicking on the bush (if it has ripened) will give 1 Blightberry. Eating this will give 8 seconds of regeneration and 4 seconds of poison. The Wither effect can also be rarely given.
A bush found on netherrack. Right or left clicking on the bush (if it has ripened) will give 1 Stingberry. Eating this will give Strength and Mining Fatigue for 10 seconds.
A bush found on netherrack. Right or left clicking on the bush (if it has ripened) will give 1 Duskberry. Eating this will give Blindness for 2 seconds and Night Vision for 20 seconds.


Nether ores (if Nether Ores is enabled) can produce 4 dusts of their respective type if put into a Macerator and 2 regular overworld ores if smelted directly. Therefore, all ores obtained in the nether are quadrupled when using a Macerator. However, the benefits of nether mining are offset by the danger: Mining any ores will cause nearby Zombie Pigmen to become hostile and attack. This can be avoided by using a Mining Laser to mine the ores, which does not anger any pigmen due to a bug. Sometimes ores will explode while mining. This is preceded by a hissing noise, sounding exactly like a creeper; however, the ores will still explode no matter the distance. This can be avoided by using a Mining Laser or a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment.


It is recommended to have at least full NanoSuit armor, an Advanced NanoChestPlate, and a Nano Saber before entering the nether. Heatscar spiders can be very hard to combat in the large numbers that they usually appear in without a Jetpack. Nitro Creepers often require a one hit kill to prevent an explosion. For ore mining bring a Mining Laser or a tool with a Silk Touch enchantment on it. The former is the better option because using it does not anger nearby Zombie Pigmen, and it negates ore explosions. Silk Touch enchantments only work to nullify ore explosions.

The large lava lakes that spawn in the nether often make travel difficult. This makes a jetpack necessary for long trips, especially if it is desired to find a Nether Fortress, which are often found on lava.


Nether colonization can be very difficult. Any crops that require water will grow very slowly, and farmland will turn to dirt quickly if the crops are not planted. The best food option is Melons, as while the stalks grow very slowly without water, the fruit will still spawn at the same speed. The various nether fruits/berries that can be found often work as a food source, however all of them inflict a negative effect. Imps drop Raw Imphide which can be cooked and comsumed, and Zombie Pigmen drop Rotten Flesh, which can be turned into Monster Jerky using a Drying Rack.

Any base built should be made out of ghast-resistant materials. Protection from Nitro Creepers is also essential; however note that they deal the same or less damage to the environment than an overworld creeper. A readily available building resource is Netherrack which can be made into Nether Brick. The best possible place to build a home is on top of the ceiling bedrock, because no mobs spawn there. Read about that method on the vanilla wiki.