Thaumic Horizons

Thaumic Horizons
Thaumic Horizons
Name Thaumic Horizons
Creator Kentington
Type Magic
Latest Version 1.1.9
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Project Site
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4
Modpacks Hubris

Thaumic Horizons is a big addon to Thaumcraft 4 which adds lots of content to the game.

One of the biggest concepts this mod provides is Mob Infusion. New mobs can be created with new unique abilities. Also the mobs can be modified, which makes them stronger, faster, and better in some other ways. Most of the mobs can be infused with 2-3 different infusions each.

The player can also infuse their own body, granting different abilities to themselves. This includes the ability to breathe underwater, climb vertical walls, become invisible even with armor, regenerate health faster, or take less damage. There are also many other infusions which add different advantages.

The mod also adds a nice feature for the players who like Hardcore mode - Reincarnation. Player's inventory can also be saved.

The mod also gives a wide range of custom potions made from player's own blood and Essentia.

5 different lenses can be equipped to Goggles of Revealing much like wand foci can be equipped to wands. These lenses grant different visual advantages to the player, including X-ray vision and the ability to see mobs behind blocks.

Lots of other various content include a boat that is able to travel on Lava, a storage machine for CV, a generator of Knowledge Fragments and XP, a component able to restore durability of any tool, an easy-to-craft wand with full charge of 150 vis, which is charged by default, the machine which increases the power of Aura Nodes or disables the ability of Hungry Aura Node and many other useful features.

The mod is also very stable and definitely worth playing with.