The End

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The End is the last dimension you get to in Minecraft. This dimension is a floating island made of end stone with obsidian pillars that contain ender crystals, also in this dimension is the Ender Dragon and loads of Endermen. The only way into this dimension is either from one of the three End Portals, or right-clicking a fully restored End Cake. The player can only leave it either with a Linking Book that has been linked to another dimension, a Dimensional or Warp Door that's again has been connected to another dimension, dying, or killing the Ender Dragon.

Ores and Resources[edit]

The following can be found in The End:


All vanilla mobs are excluded from this list

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The End colonization could be hard, but not so hard as Nether colonization. It is recomended to have something that let's you fly to move trough islands. Endermens can be a problem, but they're Neutral and only attack you when you look at them too long or hurt them. You also want to bring some Hoes, Seeds and Water, as only food you can found in The End is Chorus Fruit, which teleports you when you eat it. Avaivable resource for building is End Stones and Purpur Blocks.