Elder Guardian

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Elder Guardian
Elder Guardian.png
Name Elder Guardian
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Hostility Hostile
Drops Prismarine Shard Prismarine Shard (0-2)
Raw Cod Raw Cod (0-1)
Cooked Cod Cooked Cod (0-1, when burning)
Prismarine Crystals Prismarine Crystals (0-1)
Wet Sponge Wet Sponge
Rare Drops Raw Cod Raw Cod (0-1)
Raw Salmon Raw Salmon (0-1)
Pufferfish Pufferfish (0-1)
Clownfish Clownfish (0-1)[1]
Source Mod Minecraft

Elder Guardian is a hostile mob added by vanilla Minecraft. Three Guardians spawn underwater in any Ocean Monument. They will attack the player with a ranged beam and will inflict Thorns damage when its spikes are extended. Additionally, they will inflict any player in a radius of 50 blocks with Mining Fatigue III, so no blocks can be broken.

If Pam's HarvestCraft is installed, the Guardians can drop any type of raw fish added by this mod.


  1. The rare drop will be additional to the drop of the Raw Cod drop. Only one of the fishes will be dropped each time, while Raw Cod is by far the most common and Clownfish is the rarest. Looting enchantment will increase the chance of obtaining the rare drops, but not the amount dropped.