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Name Enderman
Health 40 (Heart.png x 20)
Hostility Neutral
Drops Common:
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl (0-1)
Nebulous Heart Nebulous Heart (0-1)
Enderman Head Enderman Head (0-1)
Enderman Head Enderman Head (0-1) [1]
Source Mod Minecraft

A creature native to the End, an Enderman will sometimes spawn in the Overworld. These enemies are tough for beginning players as they deal a lot of damage with their hits. A player will provoke an Enderman not only by hitting them but also by looking directly at its eyes, unless the player is wearing a Pumpkin. Keep your eyes averted and the Enderman is a passive mob. If you strike an Enderman, they will usually teleport around you and come to hit you from the back. They may even come back later, after you have finished fighting them, and attack you so be careful when leaving a fight with an Enderman unfinished. Endermen are immune to bows as they teleport away before the arrow hits them, but take damage while touching water or even rain.

When killed, an Enderman has a chance to drop an Ender Pearl and, with EnderIO or Hardcore Ender Expansion installed, it may additionally drop its head.


  1. Looting or Beheading enchantment will increase the chance to obtain the head, but not the amount dropped