Stained Glass (Minecraft)

This article is about Stained Glass from vanilla Minecraft. You may be looking for other types of Stained Glass.
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Stained Glass
Block White Stained Glass (Minecraft).png

Grid White Stained Glass (Minecraft).png

Name Stained Glass
Source Mod Minecraft
ID Name
OreDict Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 1.5
Hardness 0.3
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool

Stained Glass is a block from vanilla Minecraft. It is a transparent Glass block which has been colored with a dye. The block uses connected textures, which allows the player to make a large pane of it, without having any block edges displayed in the center. Other than cosmetics, the block has no real purpose, but it can be used as an alternative to Glass in many crafting recipes.

When broken with any tool, the block is destroyed. The player has to use a pickaxe, which has the "Silk Touch" enchantment to break the block, in order to harvest it.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Bone Meal
Stained Glass (Minecraft)

Note: Bone Meal can be substituted by any type of dye which is registered in the Ore Dictionary, creating a block with the color that is associated with the used dye.


Stained Glass (Minecraft) can be used to create the following items:

Data Values[edit]

Item ID OreDict
White Stained Glass White Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:0 blockGlassWhite
Orange Stained Glass Orange Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:1 blockGlassOrange
Magenta Stained Glass Magenta Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:2 blockGlassMagenta
Light Blue Stained Glass Light Blue Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:3 blockGlassLightBlue
Yellow Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:4 blockGlassYellow
Lime Stained Glass Lime Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:5 blockGlassLime
Pink Stained Glass Pink Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:6 blockGlassPink
Gray Stained Glass Gray Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:7 blockGlassGray
Light Gray Stained Glass Light Gray Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:8 blockGlassLightGray
Cyan Stained Glass Cyan Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:9 blockGlassCyan
Purple Stained Glass Purple Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:10 blockGlassPurple
Blue Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:11 blockGlassBlue
Brown Stained Glass Brown Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:12 blockGlassBrown
Green Stained Glass Green Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:13 blockGlassGreen
Red Stained Glass Red Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:14 blockGlassRed
Black Stained Glass Black Stained Glass minecraft:stained_glass:15 blockGlassBlack