Ocean Monument

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The Ocean Monument is an underwater temple featured in vanilla Minecraft and some modded versions of Minecraft. It is guarded by Guardians and 3 Elder Guardians. Some common blocks found there are Water, Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, Sponges, and Wet Sponges.

Ocean Monuments can only form in the Deep Ocean biome, hence the name "Ocean" Monument. They can form in chunks that players have not been in for longer than 3 minutes, and they form above the bottom of the ocean, thus are never buried in sand, dirt, or gravel. The rooms and number of rooms in them is randomly generated.

As long as the Elder Guardians have not been defeated, the player will get the Mining Fatigue effect and will be unable to break any of the blocks. One of the Elder Guardians can be found in the topmost room of the monument, the other two are to the left and to the right of the main entrance.

Players should bring Potions of Water Breathing to be able to swim through the monument. Blocks are also helpful as they can still be placed. Swimming around corners will break the line of sight to the Guardians, so they will be unable to target the player with their layers. A quick method to reach the Elder Guardians is to use TNT and a Flint and Steel or Redstone Blocks to break through the walls and reach the Elder Guardians faster. A Milk Bucket might also be helpful to remove the Mining Fatigue effect, after the Elder Guardians have been defeated. Note that new Guardians are still able to spawn after the Elder Guardians have been killed.

Every Ocean Monument contains a box of Dark Prismarine containing 8 Blocks of Gold. The Elder Guardians have to be defeated, before the blocks can be mined.